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Gracie - Our grand dam

Gracie is a full Peruvian born in June 1999. We purchased her bred and since then she has produced 5 beautiful cria for us – 3 of them with award winning CPeruvian Daniel 111. She has sound conformation and has consistently produced cria with outstanding fleece. Gracie was sired by 5Peruvian Volcano from the USA.

CLAA #17514




DPO Amaryllis – Cinnamon Queen

Amaryllis is a gentle beauty with beautiful conformation and exquisite cinnamon chocolate fibre. She was born in November of 2000. She is also a product of CPeruvian Daniel 111 and has produced 3 beautiful cria for us – all chocolate brown. She has outstanding conformation and her fibre has exceptional luster and softness. Amaryllis is double registered and has an exceptionally gentle nature.
CLAA #21274

ARI #824126




Paloma – Gentle Beauty

Paloma was born in September 2001 and was sired by CPeruvian Daniel 111. Since becoming a mother, she has become one of our most docile animals. She has given birth to 2 beautiful cria and is an exceptional mother. Along with her maternal instincts and great milk production, she has genetics from 5Peruvian Volcano also. She passes along her great conformation and fibre with luster and softness. Consider Paloma as a great addition to your breeding program.

CLAA #24328



Gemma – The Attention Lover

If you are looking for exceptional fibre this is your girl. Gemma has extremely dense fibre with crimp, luster and softness. She was sired by CPeruvian Daniel 111 and posseses a proud conformation and good bite. Gemma was born in May of 2003 and won 1st prize in her class at the 2006 Interior Provincial Exhibition. Consider this outstanding girl with exceptional genetics to add fibre appeal to your herd.

CLAA #29071


Tia - With the Unique Do

Tia’s father is Jolimont Peruvian Noah and she exhibits her mother’s regal stature along with her unique parted top knot. She is a big beauty who was born in May 2004 and her beautiful light cinnamon colored fiber is exquisite. Tia won 1st prize at the 2006 Interior Provincial Exhibition. She also has genetics from CPeruvian Daniel 111 and with this combination of proven herdsires in her lineage is a winning addition to your breeding program. Tia is double registered.

CLAA  #29190
ARI  #31003391



Neva - Quiet Beauty

Neva means snow on the mountains and her beautiful white fibre has only a small fawn colored spot on her leg to distinguish her. She was born in May 2004. Her father is Shaman – a Futurity 2008 subscribed stud and she has genetics from CPeruvian Daniel 111 on her dam’s side. This girl is a showstopper with her beautiful face. If you want proven genetics and incredible fibre, Neva will be a great addition to your herd
CLAA  #29226




Selena - Inquisitive and Spirited

We are proud to introduce Selena with genetics from CPeruvian Daniel 111 and Elite Servante. Selena has matured into a regal beauty with exceptional conformation and dense fibre with exquisite luster, fineness and crimp. Selena is a beautiful female with excellent conformation and a perfect bite. She was born in June 2006 and is very used to being handled and walked. Her prize winning fibre and wonderful temperament make her an incredible investment for your herd.
2007 Fibre Stats
AFD: 21.36 SD: 5.30 CV: 24.8 %>30: 4.7
CLAA  #34524

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