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Rico – Energetic and Docile

Imagine the possibilities…Rico was born in June 2004 and is an offspring of Whisky. He is an unproven herdsire with beautiful fawn coloring and a persistent yet gentle nature. Rico’s genetics also include multiple prize winning CPeruvian Daniel 111. If you want proven genetics this is the animal to add to your breeding program. He has beautiful fawn colored fibre with exceptional luster and softness. Rico is available for breedings at $1000 CAD. He would also be an excellent addition to your herd.
2007 Fibre Stats
AFD: 22.70 SD: 5.73 CV: 25.2 %>30: 8.8
CLAA  #29000


Fernando SVA – Gentle Protector

Gentle Fernando has exceptional fiber with outstanding density, crimp, luster and softness. He is a product of CPeruvian Daniel 111 and has beautiful conformation and is well developed for his age. Show judges have remarked about his advanced testicular development and he is certainly interested in the girls. Fernando was born in July 2005. Bring these awesome genetics, color and phenomenal quality to your farm and watch your winnings grow with his offspring.
2007 Fibre Stats
AFD: 25.12 SD: 5.11 CV: 20.3 %>30: 12.4
CLAA  #31128


Chico 2nd – Playful and Regal

Chico was born in June 2006 and has beautiful chocolate brown fibre with black face markings. He has good conformation and an inquisitive nature. Chico’s fibre has exceptional luster and fineness and is silky soft. He will add exceptional color to your herd as a future herdsire. Proudly carrying genetics from CPeruvian Daniel 111 and Elite Servante.
2007 Fibre Stats
AFD: 22.36 SD: 5.72 CV: 25.6 %>30: 8.8
CLAA  #34523




Diego 3rd – Devilish Phantom

Our proud masked Diego has grown into a beautiful animal with outstanding conformation and incredible fawn colored fibre boasting luster, crimp and softness. He has genetics from Elite Servante and 5Peruvian Volcano and is showing great promise as an outstanding herdsire with his advanced testicular development. Diego was born in July 2006 and is very inquisitive and very friendly. He is our featured animal on our logo. Diego will be an incredible asset to your breeding program.
2007 Fibre Stats
AFD: 25.45 SD: 6.65 CV: 26.1 %>30: 20.4
CLAA  #34525



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